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Midwest United FC Kalamazoo places teams in local, statewide, and multistate leagues.  The number of games and the places the games will be played depend on the league in which the team plays.  
This past year, the Club fielded twenty-two teams.  Twelve teams played in the local league (WMSYA).  Eight teams played in the statewide premier league (MSPSP).  Two teams played in a multi-state league (MRL).  We have teams starting at U9 (under 9 years old) through U18-U19.  We also recently introduced a Youth Development Program for even younger players.

WMYSA.  Our Academy, Select, and Elite teams play in the local West Michigan Youth Soccer Association (WMYSA) league.  These teams typically play eight games in the fall and eight games in the spring.  Each season, four games will be home games played at the Kalamazoo Soccer Complex.  The other four games each season will be away games.  Most away games will require less than one hour of travel each way, with Berrien Springs (west of Kalamazoo) and Marshall (east of Kalamazoo) being the two most distant destinations.  For Elite teams, WMYSA may schedule games with other elite division teams from the Grand Valley Soccer Association (GVSA) and the Capital Area Soccer Association (CASL).  Elite teams may travel all over western and central Michigan for away games.  

MSPSP.  Our Premier teams play in the Michigan State Premier Soccer Program (MSPSP), a league operated by Michigan State Youth Soccer Association (MSYSA).  These teams will play between eight and ten games a season.  MSPSP is a statewide league.  Half of the games will be played at the Kalamazoo Soccer Complex.   The other games will be played all over Michigan.  Last year, the Club had eight teams playing Premier.  Of those eight teams, five played in the top division, Premier 1.  Our Club placed more teams in the top division of the Premier league than all of the other clubs in the area combined.

MRL.  Midwest United FC Kalamazoo places several teams in the Midwest Regional League (MRL).  MRL is associated with Region II of the US Soccer Youth Program.  MRL teams play other top clubs from the Midwest Region, which includes thirteen states.   MRL teams usually play eight to ten league games a season, with only one or two home games.  The other games are scheduled so that two games are played over a weekend.  Michigan MRL teams typically play games in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio.  Last year, the Club placed two teams in the MRL, which was more than all of the other clubs in the area combined.  

Director’s Academy.  For the 2015-2016 year, Midwest United FC Kalamazoo will have teams playing in the Director’s Academy (DA).  The Director’s Academy is a statewide league in Michigan for U11 and U12 teams run by the Michigan State Youth Soccer Association (MSYSA).  Before a team is accepted in the DA, the club must complete a lengthy application process.  Midwest United FC Kalamazoo is the only club in the area with teams playing in the DA this year.  DA teams play approximately fifteen games over two seasons.  Approximately half of the games will be played at the Kalamazoo Soccer Complex.  The other games will be played all over the state.  DA teams must participate in the Junior State Cup.  

Midwest United FC provides more training than any other soccer club in the area.  Training occurs year-round and all training is included in the club fees.  Our training program is one of the greatest strengths of our club.  Our training program offers players year-round opportunities for improving soccer skills, speed, and agility.

Outdoor Training.  Most teams will practice twice a week.  MRL teams should expect to practice three times a week.  All of our teams train at the premier facility in the Kalamazoo area, the Kalamazoo Soccer Complex on Drake Road.  You should expect outdoor training to start a few weeks before the first game each season.   

Winter Training.  We don’t stop training when snow is on the ground.  Our players continue to develop their soccer skills during the winter months.  Select teams receive an 8 week program of soccer training each winter.  Elite, Premier, Director’s Academy, and MRL teams receive a 10 week program of soccer training each winter.  Winter training is offered to all our teams, including the high school boys and girls who only play one season of club soccer.  

Sports Performance.  In addition to indoor soccer training, we also provide sports performance training during the winter months.  Most players will receive an 8 week program of sports performance training.  Our sports performance training program is specifically designed for soccer players.  Sports performance training focuses on developing speed, agility, and power through a combination of stretches and exercises.  It is also an important tool for avoiding injuries.  

Goalkeeper Training.  We offer special training just for players who mind the net, although the training is open to all players.  Training sessions occur throughout the fall, winter and spring.  


We believe Midwest United FC has the best coaching staff in the area.  Led by Rich Labadie, Neil Ridgway and Brian Clements, our coaches have a wealth of experience.  
Our coaches have a strong educational background.  More than one-third of our coaches identify teaching as their profession.  Approximately half of our coaching staff has experience as the head coach or assistant coach for a university, college, high school or middle school in the area.  Approximately one third of our coaching staff has earned a National “C” License or higher from the United States Soccer Federation (USSF).  In addition to feedback at training sessions and games, our coaches are supposed to provide written, individualized feedback to each player.  

Rich Labadie.  Rich is our Director of Soccer Operations.  He has a National C license.  

Neil Ridgway.  Neil is our Technical Director.  Neil has an Advanced National Diploma from the National Soccer Coaches Association of America, as well as a USSF license, among others.

Brian Clements.  Brian is our Director of Youth Programs.  Brian has a National C license.  
Information about our other coaches is being added to our website.

All of our teams will play in tournaments.  The cost of tournaments is not included in club fees.   Your coach will work with the coaching staff to select the most appropriate tournaments for your team.  Most of our 2 season teams will play four tournaments, two each season.  We expect that our Elite, DA, Premier, and MRL teams will play in their respective State Cup tournaments.  For the past several years, our MRL teams have played, and succeeded, in national college showcase tournaments.  
Midwest United FC Kalamazoo hosts our own showcase tournament, the Kalamazoo Invitational Soccer Showcase (KISS).  Historically, more than 50 college coaches from more than 10 states have come to KISS to scout players.


The Midwest United FC Kalamazoo soccer is an exceptional value at a competitive price.  We know you have a choice of soccer clubs in the area.  Midwest United FC offers more training opportunities than any other club in the area and all training is included in your club fees.  Midwest United FC has an experienced and licensed coaching staff at all age levels.

Club Fees.  Club fees cover the fixed costs for fielding a team.  Club fees are used to pay the coach, league and player registration fees, referee fees, use of fields at the Kalamazoo Soccer Complex for home games, use of the Kalamazoo Soccer Complex for outdoor training, and winter training at Soccer Zone.  Fees will depend on the league and division in which the team plays.  
WMYSA Select (2 seasons) - $449
WMYSA Elite (1 season) - $550
Director’s Academy and Elite (2 seasons) - $900 
Premier  (2 seasons) - $1150 
Premier (1 season) - $699 
Midwest Regional League (2 season) - $1200
Midwest Regional League (1 season) - $749

Team Fees.  Team fees are separate from club fees.  Team fees cover the travel costs for the coach and costs associated with tournaments, including tournament registration fees.  Team fees will vary from team to team because the costs associated with travel depend on the league in which the team plays.  Also, the costs for the tournaments the team attends will be different.

Uniforms.  All players will need to purchase new uniforms this year.  Our new colors will be the original TKO colors, royal blue and white.  The uniforms include 2 jerseys, 2 shorts, 2 pairs of socks and a training t-shirt.  In the past, players needed to purchase 2 training shirts.  This year, the tryout shirt will serve as the second training top.  Warm-up gear is optional.  The vendor for our uniforms is T-shirt Printing Plus.
Indoor Soccer.  Costs associated with indoor soccer league play are not included in club fees.  Indoor soccer leagues occur during the winter months and are optional.  Most of our teams do join an indoor league at Soccer Zone.  Soccer Zone offers three sessions during the winter months.  

Midwest United FC Kalamazoo offers unique learning opportunities for our future stars.  Brian Clements has developed three youth programs tailored to the needs of aspiring soccer players before they begin to play in Select leagues.  We offer a program for 4 year olds (U5), a program for 5 and 6 year olds (U7), and a program for 7 year olds (U8).  These programs have their own fee schedule.  More information about our Youth Development Program is available on our website.