MSYSA Director's Academy

Four new clubs have been selected to join the MSYSA Director's Academy program commencing Fall 2015.  They will join the already 19 clubs selected in 2014.  The selection process included a club-wide evaluation in five categories that includes: club structure, player programming, club history of participation in MSYSA events & programs, player development and coaching development. Based on the applications received and the clubs already accepted into the DA in the previous year, the clubs listed below will participate in the 2015-2016 seasonal year of the MSYSA Director's Academy Program.  

AC Milan Detroit

Force FC

Michigan Fire Jrs.

Rochester Soccer Club

Michigan Wolves Hawks

United FC

Alliance FC

*LaForza SC

Michigan Jags FC

*Royal Oak Youth Soccer Assoc.

Midwest United FC

Vardar SC

Canton Soccer Club

Michigan Alliance FC

Michigan Rush Northville

TNT Dynamite SC / CA Rush



Chill SBC

Michigan Burn

Michigan Tigers

*Troy Soccer Club

PSG Michigan Gators/FC Nova


*Indicates an MSYSA Director's Academy 'Growth Club': A Growth Club is defined as a new Club accepted into MSYSA's Director's Academy.  Growth Clubs have limited or no history in State Cup, MRL or National League.  However, MSYSA has determined that the accepted Growth Clubs have demonstrated a commitment to developing their players, parents, teams and coaches to meet the MSYSA Director's Academy application standards.  

MSYSA Director's Academy Club Review: All Clubs in the Director's Academy will be subject to an annual review, which includes an analysis of their Player Development Structure, Coach Development Program, their Training & Game Environment, Club Administration, the Facilities they utilize and the Soccer Respect campaign.

Commencing in 2016 and based on their annual review, Clubs will be categorized into different tiers: Gold, Silver and Bronze.

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